Dog grooming scissor handles are available in various shapes; there is no right or wrong shape preference. It comes down to the dog groomer's taste and what they find comfortable holding and using. When the dog groomer is considering a pair of dog grooming scissors, they must always consider them an extension of their hand and how they will fit it. The shape of the handles and finger holes can help make a difference to the groom and the dog groomer's overall personal comfort.


The Classic Handle Design.

The classic (opposing or straight) handle design is for dog groomers who hold their scissors generally with their thumb and middle finger. This handle design has been the only design available for many years. It has remained the most popular despite the research suggesting the possibility of hand and wrist health issues, such as Carpal Tunnel and other similar symptoms.


Opposed Handle on a Dog grooming scissor


The Offset Handle Design

This handle design on a dog grooming scissor allows for a more natural hand position and is more comfortable to hold and use.In other words, this is an ergonomically design and is preferred by many dog groomers who mainly use their thumb and ring finger whilst using their grooming shears. 

This handle design allows the dog groomer to use the scissor with a more relaxed hand position and has a shorter thumb handle; this automatically reduces the over-extension of the thumb and relieves any unnecessary pressure used to keep a good grip on the scissor. This handle is available in two variations:

Single Offset Handle Design

left handed dog grooming scissor-offset handle-straight dog grooming scissor


Dual Offset Handle Design

 This variation is extremely comfortable for a dog groomer to use, especially if the dog grooming scissor is a curved scissor and/or is flippable or reversible.

Dual Offset Handle of a dog grooming scissor


Crane Handle Design

This design is angled at a high degree to help drop the dog groomer's elbow position, which in turn, allows for a better body position whilst using the dog grooming scissor. Despite the lowered position of the elbow, the angled handle still allows the dog groomer to use the grooming shears at the correct blade angle.

This type of scissor handle is an excellent choice for dog groomers prone to neck and shoulder pain. Continuous poor body positioning during a groom can result in several physical health issues in the short term and the long term and is important that all dog groomers take care of themselves.

Crane handle of a dog grooming scissor


Swivel Handle Design

The swivel handle design is excellent as it does not matter which direction the blades are cutting; the dog groomer's thumb will always be in the correct position. In addition, this type of handle has a less restrictive feel and contrasts with the controlled feeling of the stationary thumb hole. Whilst this handle may help alleviate any aches or pains a dog groomer may experience during the day, working with dogs can cause unpredictable situations, so having complete control of sharp scissors is vital to the dog, the groomer, and the groomer's colleague's safety.

Swivel Handle on a dog grooming scissor