How to Clean and Take Care of Dog Grooming Scissors?

As well as creating beautiful dog grooms and having happy customers, it is vital that a dog groomer ensures that their dog grooming scissors (and all grooming equipment) are cleaned at the end of each working day and stored away safely.

Cleaning dog grooming scissors

Using a soft, clean, dry cloth, thoroughly wipe your dog grooming shears after every groom. This will reduce the build-up of hair and products used on the dog's coat, which may affect the performance of the dog grooming scissors.

Use a soft damp cloth for end-of-day cleaning and remove all hair and debris from the blades. Pay close attention to the area around the tension system and where the blades close. A build-up of dog hair is very likely in this area. If not removed, the dog's coat can rest within the tension system and potentially cause problems, such as preventing the screw from rotating when adjusting the scissor's tension. 

A frequently asked question is 'Can I use a chemical cleaner to clean my dog grooming scissors?'

It is possible to use a chemical-based solution to clean and disinfect the dog grooming scissors; however, chemicals can harm the metal of the scissors and cause rusting and pitting. Plus, some substances are not eco-friendly. A handheld steamer or UV light is kinder to the scissors and will disinfect them effectively.

Once the scissors are clean and before closing and storing, a dog groomer must ensure that every part of the dog grooming scissor is completely dry. Any moisture remaining on the scissor can cause possible damage to the tension screw system and increases the risk of rusting or pitting.


Oiling Dog Grooming Scissors.

After cleaning and ensuring the scissors are dry, it is recommended that the scissors are lubricated or oiled. Oiling dog grooming scissors assists the cleaning process by pushing any remaining dirt, debris and hair from under the pivot (tension screws). In addition, it leaves a small layer of protection within the tension system. 

How to oil dog grooming scissors? 

Whilst holding the scissors at a slight angle, carefully open the scissor's blades widely. Carefully apply one to two drops (maximum) of scissor oil to the area closest to the tension system and allow the drop to move into the tension system. Once the oil has moved towards the pivot, open and close the blades to enable it to work into the system. Use a dry and soft cloth to wipe any excess oil along the blades. A dog groomer must ensure that they do not have any physical contact cutting edges for their own safety.

It is recommended that dog grooming scissors are oiled daily to prolong the life of each scissor. However, it is important that a dog groomer must not used too much oil. Too much oil in the tension system can loosen the 'spring force' and prevent the screw from clicking when adjusting the scissor's tension.

Another frequently asked question is 'What type of oil should I use on my dog grooming scissors?'

It would highly recommend that a dog groomer uses an oil which has been specifically designed for stainless steel dog grooming scissors. The structure of the oil varies depending on the metal and the instrument's task. For example, clipper oil is intended to be used solely on clippers, and as the clippers are made from different metals, the structure of the oil will be different. Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd, offer a range of dog grooming scissor oil, designed specifically for all makes and models of dog grooming scissors. 


Dog grooming scissor oil by Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd


How to store dog grooming scissors safely.

A dog groomer is advised to always ensure that the blades are dry and fully closed when the scissors are not being used. This will reduce the chance of accidental damage to the cutting edges and the risk of injury to the dog, the dog groomer or colleagues. Remember, the safety of the dog is paramount.

At the end of the working day, after cleaning, drying, and oiling, a dog groomer must make sure that they fully close scissor's blades, placed them into a protective case or use the tip and blade protectors and store them away in a cool and dry area. Keeping the scissors away from the salon environment once the working day is over will help protect them from moisture, dust, hair, and debris which will settle once the salon is closed.

dog grooming scissor tip protectors by Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd


Regular Dog Grooming Scissor Sharpening is key!

To ensure that a dog grooming shear have a long-lasting sharp edge, keeping them sharp is an essential part of any dog groomer's business as dull scissors, when used, can cause untidy trims and fatigue, making it harder to get the best results when cutting every time. Sharpening dog grooming scissors on time, will make a big difference in their performance and longevity.

Do you have a trusted scissor sharpener you use or are you looking for one?

When researching a trustworthy dog grooming scissor sharpener, it is always recommend considering the following:

  • Level of their experience.
  • Their knowledge and understanding of the metals used and how to sharpen these different types of metals.
  • Their knowledge and understanding of the unique scissor design and their individual grooming tasks.
  • If you are a left-handed groomer with left-handed scissors, does the scissor sharpener have the expertise to sharpen them? Sharpening left-handed scissors is very different to sharpening right-handed scissors.
  • Check the previous reviews and recommendations.
  • Do they have respect for the scissor and their design?

Dog grooming scissors are an expensive part of a dog groomer's job and ensuring that the chosen scissor sharpener, understands all dog grooming scissors, respects them and knows how to sharpen them according to their specific tasks. At Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd, we highly recommend Andrew Rattray from The Gay Blade Professional Sharpening Services.