Different types of Dog Grooming Scissor Tips

All make and models of dog grooming scissors will have a tip or the point at the end of the scissor's blades.

Currently, there are three types of 'tips' to the end of a dog grooming scissor designed for safety, gaining confidence, everyday dog grooming and creating show-stopping finishes.


Types of Dog Grooming Scissor Tips 

The Bull Nose Tip

As its name suggests, this tip type is rounded in shape. This design allows a dog groomer to develop confidence in using the dog grooming shear safely in close contact areas such as the dog's eyes, ears, and feet.

The only downside to this type of tip is that the wide rounded point does not allow the dog grooming scissor to get close enough to create a crisp and tidy finish. Once a dog groomer has developed their confidence with the scissor, moving to a flattened tip or pinpoint tip will help take their dog grooming to the next level.

Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd Bullnose Style Tip on a dog grooming scissor


The Flattened Tip (Blunt end)

This style of tip or end of the scissor has been flattered or blunted insert image. This feature is designed for safety, and despite the 'blunted' tip, the blades' cutting edge remains incredibly sharp.

This end type is the most common type and is found on many dog grooming shear models, especially on scissors with teeth, Thinning dog grooming scissors, Blending dog grooming scissors, Texturising dog grooming scissors, Fluffers and Chunkers.


 Blunted Dog Grooming Scissor Tip by Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd

The Pointed Tip

This style of tip/end of a scissor is the sharpest of the tips, and as its name suggests, the tip has been created into a 'point'. The design feature enables the dog groomer to use the blade's cutting edge AND the tip to produce crisp and tidy lines and finishes.

This design of tip is perfect for show and competition grooms. However, a dog groomer must use this type of tip with extreme caution, and it is not recommended for dog grooming students.

Pointed Dog grooming Scissor tip by Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd


Choosing a dog grooming scissor tip type will depend on the individual dog groomer, their confidence, level of expertise of dog grooming and what the dog grooming scissor will be used for.

Each tip type offer their own benefits to each dog groomer, so I would always suggest to chose the dog grooming scissor which is right for you.