Checking and Adjusting a Dog Grooming Scissor's Tension.

At Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd, each dog grooming scissor has the correct tension before they are sent out to the customers. 

Correct scissor tension is VITAL for maintaining all dog grooming scissors and getting the best out of them. Not only having the correct tension which will result in the scissors performing to their full potential, it will also prevent the blades from locking or catching against one another, a dog groomer's nightmare, and premature blunting.

However, it is important that when a dog groomer has finished using their dog grooming scissors for the day that they are cleaned thoroughly. The scissors should then be stored in the fully closed position, to avoid any stray debris accidentally damaging the cutting edge of the blade. Ideally, they should be stored in a case to protect them from environmental factors, and away from magnets, which can cause the scissors to attract dust and other damaging particles.

If the dog grooming scissor is too tight, where the blades feel stiff and do not move freely. This will result in unnecessary wearing down of the scissor, blunting and will cause fatigue for the dog groomer due to the extra pressure required to move and close the blades. Tightening of a scissor's tension is a result of the tension screw being manually tightened by a dog groomer. 

On the other hand, if the dog grooming scissor's tension is too loose, this will result in the blades closing too quickly which can cause the hair to fold rather than be cut, potentially damage the blade's edges and causing premature blunting. After a time, the dog grooming scissor's tension will naturally loosen due to being used, so it is very important to check a scissor's tension regularly. It is advised that this should be done at the beginning of each work day.

How to check a dog grooming scissor's tension.

To check a dog grooming scissor's tension, if right handed, hold the scissor in the left hand and ensure that it is held with its handle and blades are facing upwards. Using the right hand, carefully open up the top blade so that it is sitting at approx 90 degrees. Release the top blade and allow it to close freely. If the tension is correct, the blade will stop closing at approx 45 degrees or 2/3rds closed- see diagram 1 below.

Dog Grooming Scissor's Tension by Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd

 Diagram 1. Correct Scissor Tension


How do the blades close if the scissor's tension is too loose? 

If a dog grooming scissor's tension is too loose, once the top blade has been released, it will close very quickly, almost 'slam' against the bottom blade. In  diagram 2 demonstrates what the scissor will look like if the tension is too loose. 

Dog Grooming Scissor by Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd
Dog Grooming Scissors by Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd 

Diagram 2. Tension is Too Loose

How do the blades close if the scissor's tension is too tight?

If a dog grooming scissor's tension is too tight, once the top blade has been released, it will not move freely and will appear to remain wide open rather than closing towards the bottom blade.

Dog Grooming Scissors by Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd

Diagram 3. Tension is Too Tight.

How to adjust a dog grooming scissor's tension?

Please watch this video below which visually demonstrates how to check and adjust a scissor's tension.

Types of Dog Grooming Scissor Tension Screws.

At Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd, the dog grooming scissors available feature one of the two tension screw systems, the Raised Screw System and the Flat Screw System.

The Raised Screw:


Dog Grooming Scissor with Raised Tension Screw by Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd


This Raised Screw is designed to be "raised' from the surface of the dog grooming scissor and means you manually adjust the screw to the right to tighten  and to the left to loosen the tension. Please note that this type of screw could potentially be 'knocked' out of position during the scissor being used and could snag the dog's coat if in close proximity. Checking the screw's tension regularly can help prevent the scissor's tension from adjusting. 


The Flat Screw:


Dog Grooming Scissor with Flat tension screw by Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd

The flat screw system is an ultra precise screw with little looseness. The design of the tension screw sitting within the blades, helps maintain the correct tension for a longer period of time, does not hinder the scissoring and does not get in the way of your comb. This screw system is adjusted using a scissor key and as standard, the tension keys are supplied with each Abbfabb dog grooming scissor which feature the flat tension screw system. 




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