Sharpening Dog Grooming Scissors.

If serviced correctly and on time, dog grooming scissors can have a long-lasting sharp edge. Keeping the scissor's cutting edges sharp is an essential part of any dog groomer's business. Dull dog grooming scissors, when used, can cause untidy trims and fatigue, making it harder to get the best results when cutting every time.

What are the signs that a dog grooming scissor needs sharpening?

When a pair of dog grooming scissors are ready to be sharpened, there will be signs. If, after checking that the scissor's tension is correct, any of the following problems listed below start to occur, this may indicate that the scissors need to be serviced and sharpened;

  • The scissor feel like they are pulling or grabbing the dog's coat and not cutting.
  • The dog's coat bends rather than cuts as the scissor's blades are closing.
  • The scissors do not cut at all.
  • The scissors feel they need to be more balanced.
  • The fingers and hands of a dog groomer, start to feel tired and sore quicker than normal.  
So in short, if a dog groomer feels that any of their scissors has begun to pull, bend or tear the dog's coat, then the scissors are not sharp enough and will require sharpening by a professional scissor sharpener as soon as possible. Avoiding additional blunting and damage to the scissor or it's blades, will keep the cost down and help the scissors perform more effectively in the future. 


How often do dog grooming scissors need servicing and sharpening?

It is recommended that dog grooming scissors should be routinely sharpened between every 4 to 6 months. The frequency may vary, however, depending on how often the individual scissor is being used and the grooming tasks they are performing. For example, a particular pair of scissors is used on every dog on a daily basis, it is likely that they will need more frequent sharpening compared to a pair of scissors which are used less often. If a dog groomer notices any damage to a scissor's blades within this timeframe, it is recommended that the scissors are immediately sent to a professional scissor sharpener for fixing. 


How to help keep dog grooming scissors sharper for longer?

Due to the very job these grooming tools are used for, dog grooming scissors will inevitably dull with regular use. However, it is possible to help prolong the length between sharpening appointments by following the steps:


  1. Check the scissor's tension is correct regularly. Learn how to check and adjust a scissor's tension by clicking here.
  2. Make sure that the scissors are cleaned after use and dried completely.
  3. Use only 1-2 drops of scissor oil the pivots (tension screw) of the scissor once a week, in order to keep the blades and tension system lubricated. It is however advised not to over oil a scissor, as this can prevent the tension system from working properly.
  4. Always store dog grooming scissors with the blades closed fully, ideally in a scissor case with the tips of blades protected and where possible, away from the salon environment.

In summary, having dog grooming scissors sharpened on a regular basis, is key to to maintaining their performance and longevity.