Reversible Dog Grooming Scissors

At Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd, the reversible dog grooming scissors have quickly become the most popular grooming shears. The reason for their rise in popularity is simply because this style of dog grooming scissor are uniquely designed to allow the dog groomer to use the scissor in ANY direction.

So what does 'reversible' mean ?

Reversible scissors are engineered using two cutting edged blades with finger rests on both finger holes. In other words, the scissors are flippable and can be 'flipped.' Non reversible dog grooming scissors are designed with one cutting blade and generally, with only one finger rest. Both the reversible and non reversible designs are available for right and left handed dog groomers alike.

The popular new style of dog grooming scissor, the 7" Reversible Curved Fluffer (Piano Teeth Thinning Scissor) is a perfect example of a reversible thinning scissor. 


Position 1- Curve Facing Downwards. 

Position 2-Curve Facing Upwards/Reversed/Flipped


How does reversible dog grooming scissor benefit the dog groomer?

Using a reversible dog grooming scissor helps eliminate the twisting of the arm into uncomfortable positions in order to get the blades moving in a particular direction. The reversible dog grooming scissors allow the dog groomer to influence the coat up or down depending on how the blades are directed. The finger rests on both finger holes, provides additional comfort and enables the dog groomer to cut in different directions with ease and help create a balanced finish.


Providing comfortable scissors for all dog groomers, is one of our key principles and offering this new design may help relieve aches and pains experienced by groomers on a day to day bases. For more information on additional ways to help relieve any aches and pains, please click here.


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