About Us



Originally founded by Eve Somers of Abbfabb Academy over 40 years ago, Abbfabb Grooming Scissors is a family run business and is the home to the exclusive Abbfabb Grooming Scissors range.

Dog grooming scissors are a vital tool to a dog groomer and through our own personal experience, we have learnt that a dog groomer is as good as the tools he or she is using. Our aim is to promote top quality and affordable dog grooming scissors, suitable for commercial groomers, students, show exhibitors and pet owners and are offered at prices that will not break the bank.

All our dog grooming scissors are designed by us and we do not sell scissors for other makers. You can be sure your scissors are original and of the highest quality.

Eve, currently a holder of International Certified Master Groomer (ICMG), the BDGA Higher Diploma, is a member of the prestigious Guild of Master Groomers and is the owner and founder of Abbfabb Academy in Cornwall. As an award winning groomer, an examiner for all levels of City and Guilds Levels 2 and 3 and a competition judge, Eve and I, with her wealth of experience and knowledge, have established outstanding collections of quality dog grooming scissors. Here at Abbfabb Grooming Scissors, we are delighted to be offering our collection of professional dog grooming scissors throughout the UK and all over the world.

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