Although the appearance and purpose of the dog grooming scissors are important things to consider when making a purchase, it is also very important to consider the scissor’s size. In the world of dog grooming, the size of the blades really does matter.

Unless it is stated, knowing what size of dog grooming scissors you should buy can be a little tricky.

However, please do not worry, Abbfabb are here to help with how to measure scissor blade length and the scissor dimensions, so that it will be easier for you to decide which dog grooming scissors will be a perfect for you and your needs.


 How are Dog Grooming Scissors measured?

Dog grooming scissors are made at various lengths to enable the dog groomer to use the correct length depending on the grooming task that they are about to carry out. To ensure that the dog groomer can purchase the correct scissor for the tasks, the scissors length should be displayed either as part of the images or part of the scissor’s description.

The most precise way to measure a dog grooming scissor is simply by using a 30cm/12 inches ruler with . Place the scissor on a flat surface parallel with the ruler and make sure that the tip of the scissor is in line with the 0 inch mark. Take the measurement from the tip of the scissor to the top of the finger hole, but do not include the finger rest.


How to measure your dog grooming scissors by Abbfabb Grooming Scissors


There is one exception to the method above, German dog grooming scissors are measured from the tip to the top of the finger rest.

Here at Abbfabb, we want our customers to have plenty of options, which is why all our dog grooming scissors range in length from 4.5” to 10’. No matter if you are a professional dog groomer, a beginner dog groomer or a pet owner who enjoys cutting their dog’s coat, there should be no problem finding a suitable pair of scissors.