Beware not to over-sharpen Dog Grooming Scissors!

It is possible for a pair of grooming shears to be sharpened too often!
If the scissors need to be sharpened more frequently than the advised timeframe of between 4-6 months, there is the danger of the ride line, so the area along the cutting edge which is sharpened, being worn away to a point where the blades can no longer be sharpened and the scissors become unusable.

What is the Ride Line of a Dog Grooming Scissor?

The ride line is the smooth shiny line along the entire length of the cutting edge found on the inner side of the scissor's blade. This is the area a professional sharpener will use to sharpen the cutting edge of the blades. To view the full anatomy of a dog grooming scissor, click here.
the ride line of a dog grooming scissor


How to Avoid Over-Sharpening Dog Grooming Scissors.

Due to the very job these tools are used for, grooming shears will inevitably dull with regular use. However, by following the steps below, it is possible to prolong the length between sharpening appointments, reduce the risk of over-sharpening and save money for the dog groomer. 

  1. Always check that the scissor's tension is correct.
  2. Always use the correct thumb and finger position.
  3. Always use the entire length of the cutting edge of the blade rather than one area. This area tends to be the top 1” of the blade.
  4. Keep all used grooming scissors thoroughly cleaned and dry on a daily basis.
  5. Oil the pivots (tension screw) regularly.
  6. Never apply too much pressure on the finger holes – The cutting edges of the blades are incredibly sharp and do not need any unnecessary assistance with their cutting action.
  7. Never use finishing scissors on dirty dog coats. Only use a workhorse scissor for the prep stage or for the rough trimmingThe fur can house grit, mud, grass, seeds, grease, and goodness knows whatever else, which can cause damage to the cutting edge and blades.
  8. Never use blunt grooming scissors. Using dull grooming shears will force a dog groomer to naturally apply more pressure to the handles to get the cutting edges to cut. This can lead to the dog's coat bending rather than cutting, untidy finishes and causing unusual tiredness and soreness of a dog groomer's hand and arm.
  9. Store the grooming scissors away securely and safely in a dry environment.