Dog Grooming Books for Beginners

Introducing Abbfabb's book 'Dog Grooming Scissors, What Every Dog Groomer Should Know.'

From my years of experience working with grooming scissors and from the feedback of a vast number of dog groomers who explained that they were not or have not been taught how to use or take care of their grooming scissors, I decided to create this book.

My aim for this book is for it to serve as a helpful guide on every aspect of grooming scissors, helping to empower all dog groomers, beginners in dog grooming and pet owners with the knowledge of how to take care of their scissors and as a result, get very best performance from all of their grooming shears for many years. 

My book has been designed for right and left-handed dog groomers at all experience levels and pet owners who enjoy grooming their own dogs. The information provided in this book applies to all makes and models of grooming scissors, so not just Abbfabb scissors.

This book covers topics such as:

  • The History of Scissors.
  • The Anatomy of a Dog Grooming Scissor.
  • The Difference between Hairdressing Scissors and Grooming Scissors & Why This is Important.
  • The Different Types of Metals Grooming Scissors Are Made From.
  • All the Different Types of Dog Grooming Scissors and Their Uses.
  • Discussing the Difference between a Blending Scissor and a Thinning Scissor.
  • Discussing the Difference between a Texturising Scissor and a Chunker. 
  • How to Measure Dog Grooming Scissors.
  • The Difference between Right and Left-Handed Scissors & Why This Is Important, especially to left-handed groomers.
  • The Correct Thumb and Finger Positioning whilst using the scissors.
  • Different Types of Blade Tips and Their Uses.
  • Different Types of Handles Available. 
  • Different Cutting Edges and their Uses.
  • Different Types of Finger Rests.
  • What are Bumpers and Why They are Important to the Scissor.
  • The Scissor's Tension- Why it is Vital and How to Check and Adjust it.
  • How to Help Prevent Grooming Scissors from Catching or Locking.
  • Scissor Maintenance- How to clean, oil and store.
  • Sharpening of Dog Grooming Scissors- When, Why and Who.

 Plus many more topics are discussed. 

This book is available in paperback on the website, and paperback or Kindle Amazon


Love Sian