Beneficial movements designed for you, Dog Groomer

Everyday, you as a dog groomer, spend your time ensuring that your fur clients are loved and looked after whilst in your care. But what about you?

As a dog groomer, your all body performs growling tasks every day. Sometimes you hardly notice the odd positions you find your self in in order to create that wonderful finish, or picking up a dog or bending awkwardly. These repetitive motions over time, can help towards you feeling stiff, sore and weak.

In our first series, we have concentrated on the upper body to include your fingers, hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, head and spine. These are areas that are worked the hardest, yet they tend to be neglected and as a result can have a negative impact on your daily life. The movements demonstrated in each part, are there to help you limit these aches and pains and over time, after continual practice, you may find that there is less tension and stiffness and more strength, range of motion and flexibility. Plus a happier you and the best part, this is all FREE!

I really hope you enjoy using our exclusive series and if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Jules/ Louise

Please note: These movements may help relieve stiffness and soreness you may be experiencing. Neither myself, Jules or Louise are medical professionals and if you are experiencing pain, be always seek advice from your medical professional.


Yoga for Dog Groomers! By Abbfabb Grooming Scissors and Space to Move.

Series 1

Part 1. Introduction

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Part 2. Shoulders, Upper back and Neck.

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Part 3. Relieving Tension from the Spine, back, wrists and shoulders

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Part 4. Relieving tension and building strength in the hands, wrists, forearm and back.

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Part 5. Fingers and Gentle Breathing Meditation.

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Part 6. Relaxing the spine and strengthening.

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