What Are Curved Dog Grooming Scissors?

Curved scissors for dog grooming are excellent shears for adding definition and angulation to areas of a dog, such as the head, ears, and feet and creating rounded shapes along the body. These scissors, similar to straight grooming shears, are suitable for most dog coat types. 

Curved scissors are designed for working on fine details, rather than preparation grooming or 'rough trimming' a dog's coat. Due to this specific use, it’s common for these scissors to be reversible and have offset handles, allowing the dog groomer to exercise more control over the scissors while cutting. 

The Bend or Curve.

The blades of a curved grooming scissor, bend similar to that of the beak of a bird. This design of the blades allows the scissors to work better with the curves of the dog's head and body, cutting exactly want is needed. The dog's anatomy has a natural, flowing contour to them, and curved dog grooming scissors are designed to follow this outline so that the dog doesn’t have any rough or uneven edges like a polygon (for example).

The Degree of Curve.

The curve or 'bend' of the blades can vary and is measured as a degree of curvature or angle. The degree of curve in the blades can help a dog groomer create soft rounded finishes to sharp angulated shapes on a dog's body.

A large number of curved dog grooming scissors have a bend of between 15 to 25 degrees. This is a shallower curve and makes an excellent workhorse dog grooming scissor and is perfect for everyday dog grooming.



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The ever-increasing popular dog grooming style, Asian Fusion has made for the super or extreme curved scissors. The degree of curvature is far more pronounced compared to the workhorse-style curved scissors and sits between 30 to 40 degrees.

 asian fusion curved dog grooming scissor-curved grooming shear-extreme curved dog grooming scissor

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In addition to the arc shape of the curved scissors, these scissors are generally made with blades with convex edges. Convex blades are used to avoid bending or snagging on hair strands, ensuring that the cut is precise and leaves a tidy finish.