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Dog Grooming Scissor Information and Helpful Advice



  • It does not matter how many pairs of scissors a dog groomer owns and how much they cost, if a dog's coat is not prepared correctly and the dog groomer does not use a good scissor technique, an excellent result will not be achieved.
  • A dog groomer must always think about the task the scissor is about to perform, for example, a blender will blend, a thinner will thin a dog coat, a texturiser create texture and so on.
  • A dog groomer must not presume that buying a single pair of blending scissors, for example, will perform every dog grooming task.
  • A dog groomer must practice their scissoring technique on clean dog hair from the salon. A good technique means that the scissor is used lightly and not forced to cut. The dog groomer's thumb must never be allowed to protrude through the thumb hole. If this happens, the pressure on the thumb will bend the first knuckle and pull the blade back towards the palm of the hand. This is the reason why blenders, chunkers and texturisers catch or lock.
  • All dog grooming scissors are made to cut clean and correctly prepared dog hair.
  • A dog groomer must never drop a pair of scissors, nor slam them down or throw any other grooming equipment on top of them. This will cause sufficient damage to these delicate tools. 
  • A dog groomer must always use correct scissor technique to ensure an excellent grooming result and to maintain the life of the scissor. Please click here for more information.
  • A dog groomer must check that their scissor's tension is set correctly. Please click here to find how to set the correct scissor tension.
  • A dog groomer must always use the correct scissor for the job at hand.
  • A dog groomer must always clean and oil their scissors. Please click here for more information on how to clean and oil dog grooming scissors.
  • A dog groomer should employ the services of a scissor sharpening who has a very good understanding of the job a groomer has to do, who can fully service and sharpen the scissors. Please see our sharpening page for further information.
  • A dog groomer must always treat their scissors like royalty.

We hope that you had found this information. If you do have a specific query, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you. Please click here for our contact details.