Why should dog grooming scissors be oiled?

As well as cleaning dog grooming scissors and ensuring the tension is correctly set, it is vital for a dog groomer to keep dog grooming scissors oiled at all times.  

Keeping grooming shears oiled helps protect the metal from the number one killer of scissors... rusting, it helps prevent bacteria, chemicals and moisture from the salon from building up on the blades and in the tension system. The debris from dog grooming can also work its way into the pivot section of the blade, reducing blade mobility and causing unnecessary friction. Oiling grooming scissors can also ensure that the scissor's blades are kept lubricated. 

What happens if grooming shears are not oiled?

If there is a lack of oiling, this will lead to the start of corrosion and rust will develop on the scissor. Keeping the scissors oil will also prevent the blades from sticking. This will help the blades move more easily across the dog's coat and can help avoid snagging/pulling the fur. 

How often should dog grooming scissors be oiled?

Oiling dog grooming scissors should happen each time the scissor has been cleaned and dried. Once the scissor is clean, place 1-2 drops of scissor oil into the joint section of the blade to flush any debris missed and protects the tension screw system. 

What type of dog grooming scissor oil should be used?

As all dog grooming scissors are crafted from various types of more delicate stainless steel, it is important to use an oil designed specially to lubricate these stainless steel grooming shears. 

This is vitally important because many ordinary oils are made from petroleum and are made up of long and short chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms. As a result under certain conditions, the short-chain molecules evaporate and the unstable molecules oxidise and break down. Ordinary oils also contain substances such as sulphur, waxes and unstable hydrocarbons which can produce sticky residue deposits on the blades. This sticky residue can prevent the dog grooming scissors from cutting efficiently.

Oil made to lubricate grooming scissors is made specially using a process which alters the molecular structure to ensure that each molecule is uniform in size, shape, and weight. This ensures that the molecules do not break down and as a result, do not produce a smell or residue. This oil has been designed to produce the ultimate lubricant for scissors.

Is scissor oil different from clipper oil?

Despite what others may say, yes the chemical makeup of clipper oil is very different to that of scissor oil. Clippers and the clipper blades are designed from more hard-wearing metals which move, vibrate, cut and heat up. As such the oil used to lubricate clippers is designed to help them cool down, keep them clean and disinfect them.

The oil used on grooming scissors is designed to be kinder and more lightweight compared to clipper oil, whilst offering protection from rusting and environmental buildup on the blades. 

These differences can result in damage to the cutting edges of the blades and not protect the scissor from rusting, bacteria and chemical buildup if used on a dog grooming scissor.

Groomer tip: It is always advised that a dog groomer uses scissor oil to lubricate their scissors rather than any other type of oil. 

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