How to Clean Dog Grooming Scissors

Taking care of all your dog grooming scissors, regardless of level of grooming scissor you are using, is absolutely vital to prolonging the life of the scissor and the sharpness of the blades. 

Our recommended scissors cleaning method: 

Stage one:

At the end of the day, use a slightly damp cloth to remove excess hair and possibly use a disinfected spray to ensure that any bacteria has been removed. Please ensure that your dog grooming scissors are not left to soak in any cleaning fluid. This has devastating effects on the blades and the tension screw and will ultimately have an adverse effect on the scissors.

Stage two:

Carefully open the blades to 90 degrees and using a dry soft cloth, gently remove all the moisture from the blades and the tensions screw. It is crucial to ensure that any dog hair and moisture has been removed from the tension screw as this can clog the tension screw and/or encourage rust to develop. Keeping the tension screw free of dog hair and moisture will aide the tension screws ability to turn and work more efficiently.

Stage three:

After drying, use a tiny amount of scissor oil (1-2 drops of low grade scissor oil) between the blades close to the handle and the same in the tension screw. Wipe excess oil over the blades. Using scissor oil will ensure that the blades and the tension screw are protected from moisture and stray hairs and will prevent rust.
Stage four:
Always store your scissors in a closed position. This ensures that that they are protected from the salon environment and help prevent rust from occurring.