Blending Scissors, Thinning Dog Grooming Scissors and Fluffers

All our Dog blending and thinning scissors have been ergonomically designed which allows the dog groomer to benefit from the dog grooming scissor being lightweight and comfortable whilst being durable and sharp to use.

Dog Grooming Thinning and Blending Scissors, what are they?

A thinning scissor is designed to remove bulk from a dog's coat and will tend to have less teeth. A blending scissor is designed to blend lines and have a greater number of teeth. This enables the groomer to produce a beautiful soft finish. For more information regarding these two types of scissors, please click here.

Blending scissors for dogs can be either straight or curved to help you give that smooth touch to the grooming of your dog. However, the dog groomers should be well informed before choosing the correct curved blending shears / thinning shears  for dog grooming to get a seamless experience and the perfect finish.


There are a number of dog blending scissors / thinning shears for dog grooming in our line up and to help you find your perfect thinning or blending dog grooming scissor, this lovely collection is placed in order according to the scissor's length. 


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