In a world full of various sizes and models of dog grooming scissors coupled with large amounts information readily available, we really do understand that it is hard to know which dog grooming scissors to invest in. It is at this point I will tell you that you need not look any further. We are extremely proud of the dog grooming scissors we offer to groomers and we believe whole heartedly in our mission to provide you with the very best dog grooming scissors.

Here is why we really believe choosing our scissors would make such a positive difference..

Why are Abbfabb Dog Grooming Scissors different to other dog grooming scissors?

There are many different types of dog grooming scissors available nowadays, and they all have their own qualities and uniqueness. Here at Abbfabb Grooming Scissors, every pair of our scissors are uniquely crafted from Japanese 440c Stainless Steel and are ergonomically designed.

Why do we use 440c Japanese stainless steel to make our dog grooming scissors?

Whilst many may believe that scissors are just made from steel, the types of steel used makes the difference between an unreliable scissor and a very high end dog grooming scissor. Over the years, we have tried and tested many models of scissors made from various metals and have come to realise through trial and error, that using 440 Japanese stainless steel creates the ultimate scissor. The science behind this is that stainless steel is an alloy made up steel and chromium. This chemical combination creates an alloy that is very sharp and will maintain its sharpness over a longer period of time. Stainless steel is very tough and as a result, will drastically increases the blades durability and lifespan. Due to the chemical combination of 440c stainless steel, rust is extremely unlikely to occur because the alloy is highly resistant to erosion. 

How does this benefit you the dog groomer? 

As all our scissors are crafted carefully using 440c Japanese stainless steel, you can be sure that your grooming scissors will be lightweight, very sharp and maintain their sharp edge for a longer period of time. This enables you to use your scissors for longer between sharpening. As your scissor's blades are tough, again you may be able to use them for longer periods and especially throughout a difficult trim or in situations of removing matts. The fact that stainless steel does not rust is a wonderful bonus to you. Scissor maintenance is a vital part of owning dog grooming scissors but working in a moist environment can mean that your scissors are damp, covered in wet hair, sweat and oils from the dog's coat/skin as well as your own skin. Over time, rust will develop on all metals and alloys, so being able to use a material that reduces the risk of rust is key to our product design.

So what does 'ergonomically designed' mean and how does owning this type of dog grooming scissor, benefit you?

What does 'ergonomically designed' mean? 

Ergonomics is the applied science of human factor engineering in product design. It is intended to maximise productivity by reducing operator physical effort, fatigue and discomfort. A fantastic example of this in action... besides our scissors, is the computer mouse. You use this product (or used to as everything now is touch screen or touchpad) just by using two fingers to click and move around in small areas with the minimum amount of effort. You do not even think about using it because there is no pressure from your hand or fingers. It is effortless.

Why are ergonomically designed dog grooming scissors so crucial to a dog groomer?

An ergonomic scissors design puts the least amount of stress on the hand, arm, shoulder and back. The handles are designed to be in an offset position, allowing the scissor to fit in the natural hand position, preventing the finger and thumb from moving and therefore creating a comfortable grip. The spacing between the finger and thumb holes helps prevent the groomer’s hand from cramping. A downwards bend in the thumb hole, allows the groomer to straighten the wrist and drop the shoulder and elbow.

So how does this benefit you?

It is an occupational hazard that dog groomers can suffer from some form of hand, arm, shoulders, neck and back pain or even long-term problems throughout their working life. Using a 440c stainless steel, ergonomically designed dog grooming scissors can help alleviate these problems, help towards creating beautiful grooms and  keep you enjoying the job which you love!

This design has been a fantastic benefit too many dog groomers already and to read their thoughts and feedback please click for the feature review. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin and see our customers thoughts and feedback.