Here at Abbfabb Grooming Scissors, we are extremely passionate to reduce any negative impact we may be having on our environment and moving towards becoming an eco friendly company. 

Our aim is to continually take part in practises which help conserve resources and prevent harmful contributions of harmful practices and products to our environment. We practice these in both our home lives as well as in our business.

We plan to remove the unnecessary use of plastics and where plastics are required (mainly used to help protect the scissors during transportation), we are already sourcing recyclable plastics scissor sleeves.

Up to now, all our scissors have been packaged in individual cases. We have made the decision now that where possible, we will be pairing the scissors into the same case. The idea is to reduce the amount of waste when the scissors arrive with our customers.

We have already sourced appropriate envelopes which are recyclable and where the paper used in the production, has been responsible sourced by the manufacturers. 

Where possible, we already hand delivering orders to our local groomers. This reduces any unnecessary journeys to the post office and then subsequent journeys made by the Royal Mail. 

We recycle all our old scissors in a number of ways. Where possible we refurbish grooming scissors to their former glory and place them in our Preloved Collection. If we are unable to refurbish preloved scissors, we take them apart and use what we can as spare parts. Any scissor parts remaining are taken to our local recycling centre. 

We would love your feedback and any suggestions you would like to make on this issue.