To ensure that each pair of dog grooming scissors has a long-lasting sharp cutting edge, keeping them sharp is an essential part of any dog groomer's business.

Dull or blunt grooming scissors can cause untidy trims on the dog and fatigue for the dog groomer. Continually to use blunt scissors can make it harder for the dog groomer to achieve the best results when grooming a dog. Sharpening the scissors on time, will make a big difference in their performance and longevity.

There are additional vital practices which it is advised a dog groomer follow in order to maintain and preserve the dog grooming scissor's longevity.

These are;


Should a dog groomer use their scissors on a dirty dog coat?

There are also additional practises which a dog groomer must adhere to, to ensure that they get the best results from their grooming shears. 

Whilst scissors are designed to 'cut' the dog's coat, it is vital that a dog groomer DOES NOT use their scissors on the coat until it has been brushed, matt or knot free, thoroughly washed and is completely dry.

Using grooming scissors on a dirty coat will cause the following:

  1. Blunt the scissor's cutting edges too quickly.
  2. Clog the tension system/pivot leading to poor re-tension of the correct tension of the blades.
  3. Will pull the coat rather than cut it, causing discomfort and soreness to the dog.
  4. Creating uneven or messy finishes to the dog's coat.

A dog's wellbeing is paramount, so using grooming scissors on a dirty coat may be unavoidable. Removing large or stubborn matts and knots, can be painful and stressful for the dog, so using scissors may be the groomer's only option. In these situations, it is advisable for the dog groomer to have a set of scissors they use and be aware that they may require more frequent sharpening and care, compared to other scissors in their collection. 

Using styling products can also cause damage to the cutting edges of the blades and can cause product build up in the tension system. This can negatively affect the performance of the scissor and premature blunting is very likely to occur. 

Final thoughts.

Preparing a dog's coat correctly prior to using the grooming scissors, is vital to help create wonderful finishes, improve the dog's wellbeing and will help maintain high performing dog grooming scissors.