What are micro serrated dog grooming scissors?

Serrated or micro serrated dog grooming scissors are designed with one of scissor's blades featuring serrations along the cutting edge. These serrations or groves will 'grab' the dog's coat and allow the blades to cut the fur without moving it or letting the coat slip between the blades.

This design of dog grooming shear are often used for as finishing scissors in the form of straight and curved shears, as it helps create a very crisp and clean finish to the groom. Many dog grooming thinners and blending scissors also have the additional micro serrated teeth on the end of each tooth, again has this helps to create a tidy finish and remove any 'fly-away' hairs. 

Due to their design, micro serrated dog grooming scissors work incredible well on all dog coat types. However, they are fantastic on 'linty' type dog coats. So for example, the Bedlington Terrier coat.

A Bedlington Terrier's coat type is described as linty and soft. It stands well out from skin, but is not wiry and as a distinct tendency to twist, particularly on head and face. Whilst it is possible to use non micro serrated dog grooming scissors on this coat type, it is likely that the blades will move the fur rather than cut it. The serrations on a micro serrated shear will collect the coat and cut it correctly.

Simarily, the Dandy Dinmont Terrier coat type is a double coat with a soft, linty undercoat and a harder topcoat, not wiry but giving crisp feel to the hand. Using a micro serrated dog grooming scissor will provide a much tidier and balanced finish and reduces the dog groomer's frustration with using scissors which move or fold the dog's coat.

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