Abbfabb are proud to introduce this wonderful new product, the Ringthing.

Hand made by Centre Stage Backdrop here in the UK, this incredible and unique style of finger insert has been designed to offer the dog groomer complete control and comfort whilst using their dog grooming scissors.

The cushioned and rubberised texture of the Ringthing offers a dog groomer extreme comfort, help prevents painful friction between the fingers and the finger holes of the scissor, and helps maintain the correct thumb and finger position and grip whilst holding the scissor.

The correct finger position and grip is absolutely vital to the performance of the shears. It helps prevent the dog groomer's thumb and fingers from apply too much pressure to the finger holes which in turns, prevents the blades from catching and/or locking. It also helps to maintain the correct scissor tension for a longer period of time. Keeping the correct scissor tension allows the dog grooming scissor to work efficiently and to its full potential and prevents the scissor from becoming blunt too quickly. 

The Ringthing works in all the different types of dog grooming scissors, including the reversible/flip style of scissors, especially reversible curved dog grooming scissors. 

The Ringthing is perfect for right handed dog groomers and left handed dog groomers.

Currently offering this delightful grooming tool in two vibrant colours. More colours are on their way!