Blenders Vs Texturising Scissors

I am frequently asked to explain the difference between a blending dog grooming scissor and a texturising dog grooming scissor, so I have taken this opportunity to discuss the differences between each scissor for you.

The terms used for these dog grooming scissors tend to be confused and can be used incorrectly. To understand the difference between a blending scissors and a texturising scissor, it is important to discuss each shear type and the finish they will help to produce on a correctly prepared coat.

So, what is a blending dog grooming scissor?

A 'blending' scissor is designed to make a seamless transition between two or more coat lengths and creating a beautifully soft blended finish.

A blending dog grooming scissor is typically between 5" and 8" long with between 30-60 teeth. The teeth and the gap between each tooth are smaller and are designed not to leave scissor marks on the coat.

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blending dog grooming scissor


What is a texturising dog grooming scissor?

Texturising shears are just as their name suggests, they are designed to give a soft, creamy textured finish on a correctly prepared coat. The length of a texturising scissor will vary between 7" to 9" in length and the number of teeth will range from 18 to 30. A texturising dog grooming scissor is a more versatile scissor compared to a blending scissor, as they can aide creating a textured finish to the coat and can help remove any unwanted bulk. These dog grooming scissors leave a soft, textured finish to a coat. This finish is different to the sharp tailored finished achieved with a straight blade scissor.

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texturising dog grooming scissor