6.5" 35 Piano Teeth Reversible Thinning Scissor (Fluffer)
6.5" 35 Piano Teeth Reversible Thinning Scissor (Fluffer) - 2
Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd Left Handed 7" 40 Piano Teeth Reversible Thinning Scissor (Fluffer)

Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd Left Handed 7" 40 Piano Teeth Reversible Thinning Scissor (Fluffer)

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Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd are delighted to offer this incredible 7" 40 Piano Teeth Reversible Thinning Scissor for left handed dog groomers. This dog grooming scissor is also known as a Fluffer.

This uniquely designed thinning scissor is the new 'hybrid' dog grooming scissor which sits between the texturising scissors and a blending scissor. Each of the 40 teeth have been designed to be wider than a thinning or blending scissor tooth, but not as wide as a chunker or a texturising scissor. This provides a slighter wider gap between each tooth. This new tooth design is referred to as piano teeth.

Crafted from Japanese 440c stainless steel, this beautiful scissor has been ergonomically designed allowing it to be used in the natural hand position. It is lightweight and exceptionally comfortable with a ball baring tension screw. This scissor is suitable for all dog groomers, whether a beginner or experienced and comes with a pair removable finger inserts, a tension key and cleaning cloth.

This wonderful new dog grooming scissor is design to remove bulk quickly due to the wider blades allowing the scissor to move over a wider surface area with one snip. This dog grooming shear is perfect of soft coat types and will help create a natural finish.

This dog grooming shear has been uniquely designed to be reversible. This means that for the dog groomer, the scissor can be used with the teeth on top and then, after the dog groomer has turned the scissor around in their hand, can be used with the teeth on the bottom. In other words, this scissor is flippable.

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