If serviced correctly and on time, all types of dog grooming scissors will have a long-lasting sharp edge. Keeping them sharp is an essential part of any dog groomer's business. Dull scissors, when used, can cause untidy trims and fatigue, making it harder to get the best results when cutting every time. Sharpening and servicing your dog grooming scissors will make a big difference in their performance.


Can all types of dog grooming scissors be sharpened and serviced?

The answer to this is simply yes! All makes and models of dog grooming scissors can be sharpening and serviced:

  • Blending Dog Grooming Scissors 
  • Chunkers
  • Curved Dog Grooming Scissors
  • Curved Chunkers
  • Curved Texturising Dog Grooming Scissors
  • Detailing Dog Grooming Scissors
  • Double Sided Blending Dog Grooming Scissors
  • Extreme Curved Scissors
  • Fluffers
  • Left Handed Dog Grooming scissors 
  • Long Dog Grooming Scissors
  • Micro Serrated Dog Grooming Scissors 
  • Reversible Dog Grooming Scissors
  • Straight Dog Grooming Scissors
  • Thinning Dog Grooming Scissors
  • Texturising Dog Grooming Scissors


When do the scissors need sharpening and servicing?

When your scissors are ready to be sharpened, there will be signs. If, after checking that the scissor tension is correct, any of the following problems listed below start to occur, this will indicate that your dog grooming shears need a little love:

  • Pulling off the coat
  • The coat bends rather than cuts.
  • They don't cut at all.
  • They feel they need to be more balanced.
  • Your hands feel tired and sore.  


How often do your scissors need sharpening?

It is recommended that your scissors should be routinely sharpened between every 5 to 6 months. The frequency may vary, however, depending on how often the individual scissor is being used. For example, suppose you use a particular pair of scissors on every dog daily. In that case, you must visit the sharpener more frequently than a scissor you use less often.

However, check the scissors immediately if you notice any blade damage within these months. 


How to help keep your scissors sharp for longer?

Due to the very job these beautiful tools are used for; your scissors will inevitably dull with regular use. However, it is possible to prolong the length between sharpening appointments by following the steps:

  • First, check the scissor's tension is correct regularly.
  • Second, keep your scissors clean regularly.
  • Thirdly, oil the pivots (tension screw) regularly.
  • Fourthly, store your scissors safely.


Who should sharpen your dog grooming scissors?

You must refrain from attempting to sharpen your scissors at home or allowing anyone who is not an experienced scissor sharpener. Sharpening dog grooming scissors requires specialised equipment, tools, and expert knowledge from a professional sharpener. Using an inexperienced person could cause damage to your scissors and cost you more money to repair or replace them.


Choosing a scissor sharpener. What to look for?

As discussed above, sharpening your scissors is vital to the scissor's maintenance. However, finding a sharpener you can trust is a little more complicated.

When researching a trustworthy sharpener, I would always recommend considering the following:

  • Level of experience.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the metals used and how to sharpen these different types of metals.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the unique scissor design and their grooming tasks.
  • If you are a left-handed groomer with left-handed scissors, does the sharpener have the expertise to sharpen them? Sharpening left-handed scissors is very different to sharpening right-handed scissors.
  • Previous reviews and recommendations.
  • Do they have respect for the scissor and their design?


Your scissors are an expensive part of your job. Ensure that the sharpener you choose understands all dog grooming scissors, respects them and knows how to sharpen them accordingly. At Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd, we highly recommend Andrew Rattray from The Gay Blade Professional Sharpening Services.