Why is it important to use dog grooming scissors safely?

Dog grooming is an essential part of a dog's overall health and well-being. However, if the scissors are used incorrectly, this can lead to accidents and injuries. Dog grooming scissors are sharp and can cause harm if not handled with care. It is crucial to follow safety guidelines to ensure a safe and comfortable grooming experience for both the dog groomer and the dog.

What are the safety tips for using dog grooming scissors?

1. Choose the right scissors: It is vital for a dog groomer to use dog grooming scissors which are specifically designed for the correct grooming task. Using the correct scissors can help minimise the risk of accidental cuts.

2. Familiarise the dog: Before using the scissors, it is very important that a dog groomer must make sure the dog is comfortable with the grooming process. It is particularly important if the dog either a puppy or is new to grooming. Introducing the scissors gradually and, rewarding the dog with treats and praise can help create a positive association.

3. Keeping the dog calm: Dog grooming can be stressful for some dogs, so it is important for the dog groomer to ensure that the dog is calm and relaxed before starting the grooming session. Using gentle motions and reassuring words can help to soothe an anxious dog. It is also important to mention that the dog groomer must also ensure they are also calm. Remember, dogs can pick up on a human's emotions and if the dog groomer is anything less than calm, the dog will pick up on it.

4. Use the correct techniques: It is important for a dog groomer to hold the scissors with the correct finger and thumb positioning. This allows the scissors to cut properly and can help a dog groomer to gain confidence in holding and using their dog grooming scissors.Where possible, it is advice that a dog groomer should cut in a direction away from their body, fingers, hands, arm, and legs.This will help reduce the risk of injury to the dog groomer and the dog.

5. Watch out for sensitive areas: Pay extra attention when grooming sensitive areas such as the face, ears, and paws. A dog groomer should their time and be extra cautious to avoid any injuries.

6. Passing the dog grooming scissors: Whilst it is not advocated to share scissors, if a dog groomer must share their scissors, they must pass them carefully and safely. Under no circumstances should anyone in the dog grooming salon throw the scissors. 

7. If the scissors fall: It is vital that a dog groomer should never attempt to catch a pair of dog grooming scissors if they fall from the table, are dropped, or are knocked out of the groomer's hand. As heart breaking as this is, it is advised to let the scissors fall to the floor and once the scissors have settled, the groomer will need to be picked up immediately yet carefully to avoid the risk of injuring to any dogs in the salon or the groomer's feet.  

8. Picking up the scissors: A dog groomer is advised never to pick their dog grooming scissors up with the blades open. The cutting edges of the blades are extremely sharp and pose a high risk of laceration to the groomer or a dog passing by. Using the finger holes of the scissor, a groomer should pick them up whilst closing the blades immediately and place back onto the grooming table safely. 

If a pair of dog grooming scissors fall, it is advised that the dog groomer checks the scissor's tension, ensures that the blades open and close properly and that there are no visible dents along the cutting edges. If the there any concerns with the scissors after they have fallen, it is highly recommended to seek the advice and services of a professional scissor sharpener

9. Take breaks if needed: If a dog becomes anxious or restless during the grooming process, it is advised that the dog groomer provides them breaks, water and a toilet break. This will help allow the dog to relax and maintain a positive grooming experience.



Dog grooming with the correct scissors can be a safe and enjoyable experience if a dog groomer follows the proper safety guidelines (as above). By choosing the right dog grooming scissors, familiarising the dog, using the correct holding and safety techniques, and being mindful of sensitive areas of the dog, a dog groomer can ensure a safe grooming environment for the dog, themselves and their colleagues. Remember, patience and care are key when it comes to grooming any dog!

As dog grooming scissors are incredibly sharp, there is a high risk of injury to the dog groomer, the dog or the surrounding colleagues. Therefore, every pair of scissors must be handled with extreme care and caution.