Here at Abbfabb Grooming Scissors, we are delighted to now offer dog grooming scissors with the micro serrated edged blades.

What is a micro serrated edged blade?

A micro-serrated edge is, as the name suggests, a series of very fine grooves machined into the cutting edges of your dog grooming scissors, as can be seen in the picture below. The serrated edge has micro serrations throughout the edge from beginning till end at the tip. 




How is having a micro serrated dog grooming scissor beneficial to a dog groomer?

Micro Serrated edge is more like a multi-purpose cutting edge as it provides many value added benefits. The most well known benefit of serrated edge is that it does not allow the hairs to slip or skip from its tiny micro teeth. Each hair that comes under the serration is cut immediately on the spot, even when the coat are oily. A serrate edge will help grip the dog coat, reduce the risk of pushing or folding the coat and reduce blade "fatigue" when the cutting edges may begin to become dull through constant use.

Micro Serrations can also help to protect the edge from accidental damage due to contact with a hard surface. Imagine while trimming a coat, your dog grooming scissors accidentally bump into the hair comb and the edge has a nick on it. This can be devastating and cause damage to the blades. A serrated cutting edge will be slightly more tolerate such torture at significant level and will be as good as new.

There is no doubt that it is a necessity of a dog groomer to own at least one pair of micro serrated dog grooming scissors. It will not only contribute towards to the finish of the trim, but will also give the versatility in the art of dog grooming.

Please click here to view our micro-serrated dog grooming scissor.


The only downside to having a micro serrated dog grooming scissor.

Dog grooming scissors with serrated edges are generally harder to sharpen than their plane bladed counterparts. This is because a serrated edge requires preciseness and experience in order follow the existing serrations and create new serrations over them. However, the serrated edge does not require re-sharpening as frequently as straight plane bladed scissors.