I am so delighted to now be able to introduce to you, our exclusive Thank You Rewards Scheme which will allow you to earns points on every order you make, gifted points from Abbfabb to celebrate your birthday every year and even earn points just by creating your own Abbfabb account. There is also the opportunity to have a £10 off voucher for yourself and the friend you refer if they purchase any one of our dog grooming scissors, combs and DVDs.

So, how it our Thank You Rewards Scheme work?

Earn Points on Every Purchase you make!

The more you spend, the more points you earn. So, for every £1 you spend, you earn 5 points. Earn 500 points for £10 off, earn 1500 points for £15 off, 2500 points off £25 and 5000 points for £50 off. 

Earn 100 points just by creating your own Abbfabb account!

Instantly earn 100 points just by creating your own Abbfabb account. You are able create an account by clicking here and either click on the 'Rewards' icon or the little 'person' icon at the top of the home page. For every customer who already has created an Abbfabb account, 50 points have already been added to your account.

Celebrate your birthday with us!

As a very happy birthday from Abbfabb, 250 points will be instantly added to your account each year on your birthday. So please make sure you add your date of birth to your account information.

Refer a Friend to Abbfabb!

By referring a friend who makes a purchase of any one ( or more) of Abbfabb's dog grooming scissors, combs or DVDs, you both will automatically receive a £10 off online voucher code. You will be able to use your exclusive £10 off code on your next purchase. To refer friend and claim your rewards, click on the 'Rewards' icon, scroll down to the Referral Program and follow the instructions.