To ensure that your dog grooming scissors perform to their full potential and help you create those beautiful trims and finishes, using your scissors with the correct action is vital.

So, how to hold dog grooming scissors?

All dog grooming scissors vary in length, weight and style. This means that how you hold and use the scissors will change slightly depending on the type of scissors. Our aim in this article is to provide a useful learning tool by demonstrating visually the correct dog grooming scissor action. 

We invited our very own Eve Somers Icmg Gmg to demonstrate the correct scissor action. Maintaining a good scissor action also helps keep your dog grooming scissors in great condition, it helps maintain the correct tension and helps keep the pennies in your purse rather than on continual sharpening.

Before watching the demonstration, I would like to draw your attention to these two points below:

🐾 Notice that only the thumb moves and the thumb does not slide through the thumb hole.

🐾 If you find that the finger holes on the scissors are too big or you find that there is not enough grip, we have our own range of rubber finger inserts. These finger inserts are not currently available on our website, so if you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please click here for my contact information.