What is Asian Fusion Style Dog Grooming?

Also known as, Asian Freestyle, Asian Fusion Style Dog Grooming or Japanese Dog Grooming, this is a unique dog grooming style which originated in Japan, China, and Korea.

Most dog grooming techniques are designed to make dogs look more like their breed standards and some dogs have certain coat styles for practicality or their breed’s purpose.

The concept of Asian Fusion Dog Grooming was originally to give any dog, regardless of their breed or age, a younger appearance. In more recent times, Asian Fusion has encouraged many dog groomers to explore their creative side and to make dogs look as cute as possible, regardless of the breed. It encompasses the dog groomer's and the dog’s personality, and it is fun to do.

With Asian Fusion Dog Grooming styles, the dogs with their faces shaped into perfect circles or cubes, legs trimmed to resemble bell-bottoms, and ear hair and facial fur that looks like it belongs in hair style magazine. Many Asian Freestyle dog groomers often find inspiration in other species. So, a Shih Tzu may be trimmed and dyed to look like a cute Panda Bear, or a Toy Poodle groomed to look like a toy lamb.

So why is Asian Fusion Style Dog Grooming a popular grooming technique?

As the word “free” implies, Asian Freestyle breaks the tradition of ‘grooming to breed standards’ and gives dog groomers the freedom to be more creative and ignite their artistic side, after all dog grooming is a beautiful form of art.

Asian Freestyle dog grooming is not generally breed specific, however, there are breed coat types which really lend themselves to an Asian Fusion style trim. Breeds with dense, wavy/curly coats tend to be the best candidates:

  • Poodles
  • Bichon Frise
  • Pomeranians
  • Yorkshire Terriers
  • Shih Tzus
  • Lhasa Apsos
  • Maltese Terriers.

Recently, the use of social media has shone a big bright light on Asian Fusion dog grooming and inspired dog groomers worldwide to create some incredible trims. The cuteness and the ‘toy’ appearance of an Asian Fusion styled dog, forces onlookers to question if it is real. 



Are there any benefits to Asian Fusion Style Dog Grooming?

For a dog groomer, Asian Fusion allows them to exercise their creative side and is a great fun to do. Any task which gets the creative juices flowing is great for the mind.

For a dog, the practical benefit of an Asian Fusion style cut is that the short trims to areas such as the armpits, help prevent friction and prevents knots and matts forming. Just note that whilst a dog groomer is being creative, the dog can become tired, need a toilet break, and need a drink. Always prioritise the dog’s needs


What dog grooming scissors are used for Asian Fusion Style Grooming?

If a dog groomer is considering giving Asian Fusion style, have the correct dog grooming scissor will be important. For creating those very rounded heads, faces and ear effect which are often part of Asian Fusion Dog Grooming, choosing a reversible curved dog grooming scissor with a high degree of curve is vital. The curve of a dog grooming scissor is measured between 15 degrees and 40 degrees.

Curves between 15 to 25 degrees offer the dog groomer to use a curved scissor for workhorse style grooming tasks.

Curved dog grooming scissors-curved dog grooming scissor by Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd


Curves between 30 and 40 degrees offer the dog groomer to use this scissor to create very rounded finishes and are perfect for Asian Fusion Style dog grooming/ Muzzle Makers.

Extreme Curved Dog grooming scissor-asian fusion dog grooming curved dog grooming scissors by Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd


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