Hello to you lovely left handed dog groomers.

We are extremely delighted to introduce this unique and exclusive dog grooming scissor to our ever growing Left Handed Scissor Collection.

This beautifully lightweight left handed 6" 10 teeth curved dog grooming chunker/ texturising dog grooming scissor, has been ergonomically crafted from high quality Japanese 440c stainless steel, offering the groomer the ultimate comfortable whilst using this curved texturising screw. Each individual tooth has been designed to offer additional serrated edges. This fantastic benefit helps to give a very soft finish to all appropriate grooming trims. A ball baring screw helps to maintain the perfect tension in this beautiful dog grooming tool.

The scissor's curve faces upwards and helps the dog groomer to create a beautiful soft finish on a correctly prepared coat. This dog grooming scissor is suitable for all breeds that are scissored and especially on Cockapoos and Labradoodles.

To view the scissor click here.