Abbfabb are delighted to introduce this incredible 7" 48 Teeth Double Edged Thinning Dog Grooming Scissor to the Blending and Thinning Dog Grooming Scissor Collection.

This uniquely designed thinning dog grooming scissor has been create to help remove unwanted weight from the dog's coat whilst adding texture to the finish.

This thinning shear offers 48 Herringbone Teeth on the top blade and 48 Short Teeth on the bottom blade, allowing this scissor to be used on a variety of dog coats, including thick and wavy coat types. As the Herringbone teeth are curved, this allows the scissor to move through a curly or wavy coat without disrupting the texture of it. Using this style of double sided thinning scissor can help with prevent heavy or blunt lines in the coat and can help speed up the grooming process. 

The double edged thinning scissors is a great addition to a dog groomer's scissor collection and can help remove unwanted weight in a dog's coat whilst leaving a natural or texturised look. 

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