In order to preserve the life of all your dog grooming scissors, you must maintain them. There are important factors which will influence your dog grooming scissor's longevity: holding your scissors correctlycleaning your scissors, oiling them, checking and correct the scissor's tension, storing your scissors safely and sharpening. 

I am asked frequently how often do dog grooming scissors need be sharpened and to help answer this question, I am going to set out a list of cases which will help you gauge whether or not your dog grooming scissors need sharpening.

Depending on how often you use your dog grooming scissors, the following cases may only apply every few months or annually. 

Please NEVER attempted to sharpen your own dog grooming scissors with a knife sharpener or similar. You will permanently damage your scissors. Dog grooming scissors are made from various types of metal and there is specific engineering involved in their designs. In order to sharpen properly and safely, a dog grooming scissor sharpener requires in-depth knowledge of scissor engineering and the specific equipment. 

So, whar are the basics of sharpening dog grooming scissors?

In the following cases a pair of scissors should be serviced and sharpened:

  • If the scissor feels dull and pulls the hair rather than cuts;
  • If the scissor does not cut along the entire blade;
  • If you have to use excess pressure on the blade to cut;
  • If the scissor has been dropped (on the ground or grooming table);
  • If the tension screw is no longer able to turn left or right;
  • If the tension screw falls out;

Here at Abbfabb Grooming Services, I work in partnership with Andrew, Owner of The Gay Blade Professional Sharpening Services. This is a professional sharpening service for all domestic and professional dog grooming scissors, clippers and clipper blades. All grooming scissors and clipper blades are also fully serviced and are returned safely and sharper than before.

Andrew is always more than happy to answer queries you may have, so if you do have any questions, please either contact our sharpening engineer, Andrew Rattray on 07939363800 or message Andrew at  The Gay Blade