Micro Serrated Curved Dog Grooming Scissor
Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd Micro Serrated 7" Reversible Curved Dog Grooming Scissor

Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd Micro Serrated 7" Reversible Curved Dog Grooming Scissor

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Abbfabb Grooming Scissors are extremely delighted to offer our newest, beautiful 7” Curved Micro-Serrated Dog Grooming Scissor.


Carefully crafted from 440c Japanese stainless steel, this curved dog grooming scissor has been ergonomically designed to naturally fit the groomers hand. This is extremely beneficial to you as the dog grooming shear is wonderfully lightweight, offers ultimate comfort and helps to reduce aches and pains common with dog groomers and allows the groomer to use the scissor for longer periods.


This dog grooming shear has been uniquely designed for the dog groomer to use it with curve facing downwards and then, after the dog groomer has turned the scissor around in their hand, can be used with the curve facing upwards. In other words, this beautiful curved scissor is flippable.

This curved shear benefits from a micro serrated edge blade which prevents the hairs to slip or skip through its tiny micro teeth. Each hair that comes under the serration is cut immediately on the spot. A serrate edge blade will help grip the dog coat, reduce the risk of pushing or folding the coat and reduce blade "fatigue" when the cutting edges may begin to become dull through constant use.


Abbfabb Grooming Scissors welcomes Eve Somers ICMG GMG of Abbfabb Academy of Dog Grooming Training to give a demonstration on using the 7" reversible micro-serrated curved scissor with the curve facing downwards and then with the curve facing upwards.

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