Blending and Thinning Dog Grooming Scissors

Thinning scissors for dog grooming are used to remove bulk or 'thin' a heavy dog coat by removing some of the density of the hair. 

The thinning dog grooming shears have a distinctive design where they have a smaller number of teeth compared to a blending dog grooming scissor. This gives the dog groomer the ability to cut off less coat per snip than they would ordinarily with straight or curved dog grooming scissors. 

There does however, need to be more understanding of the difference between a thinning scissor and a blending dog grooming shear. These two types of grooming scissors can cause a little confusion and the main reason for this, is the grooming technique the dog groomer will use during the groom, is different for each scissor itself. When considering whether or not to use a thinning scissor, remember that it is designed to lift, hold the hair and only remove some of the dog's coat.

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What does the terms "Thinning" and "Blending" mean?

The term 'thinning' means to remove bulk hair whereas 'blending' means for the dog groomer to use their blending scissor to make a seamless transition between two or more areas on the dog's body.

Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd Thinning Scissor and Thinning Dog Grooming Scissor
 Abbfabb's 30 Tooth Thinning Scissor 


Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd Blending Dog Grooming Scissors

Abbfabb's 50 Tooth Blending Scissor


Types of Thinning Scissors.

Thinning dog grooming scissors can come in either the double teeth ( both blades have teeth) or single teeth sided (one blade has teeth and one plain blade) versions and will have one of the three numbers of teeth, 40-46, 25-30 and 20-24. These dog grooming scissors are designed to 'thin' the coat as the teeth and space between each tooth is wider( compared to a blending scissor.) The number of teeth correspond with the coat type, so fine, medium and coarse. 

40-46 Teeth- Fine Coat Type.

A thinning scissor with 46 teeth will remove more of the dog's coat compared to the 30 teeth and 24 teeth thinning shears. This scissor is suitable for fine silky dog coats such as the Beddlington Terrier's coat type


25-30 Teeth- Medium Coat Type.

A thinning scissor with 30 teeth is perfect for dog grooming beginners, as it helps prevent the dog grooming training student from removing too much of the dog's coat. This scissor is suitable for use on most dog coats and is the most widely used 'thinning scissor' by dog groomers. 


20-24 Teeth- Coarse coat Type.

A thinning scissor with between 20 and 24 teeth is designed to be used on heavy, dense or curly dog coats and remove a larger amount of hair compared to the 30 and 46 Teeth thinning scissors.

The Double Sided Thinning scissors are perfect for very coarse, thick coats/hair, and due to the level of work performed, this dog grooming scissor is made from a much tougher steel, and as a result, the teeth may blunt quickly. This is scissor is also designed to leave a very natural look to the coat and is it advised to be used with caution.

Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd Double Sided Thinning Scissor and double sided thinning dog grooming scissor
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Introducing the "Fluffer" or the Piano Tooth Thinning Scissor

There is however, a new design of thinning scissor which is an incredible exception to the rule when it comes to world thinning dog grooming scissors.

Please welcome the "Fluffer' or the Piano Tooth Thinning Scissor. 

This uniquely designed thinning scissor is the new 'hybrid' dog grooming scissor which sits between a texturising scissor and a blending scissor. Each of the teeth is rectangular and resembles a piano key. The tooth itself is wider than a thinning or blending scissor tooth but not as wide as a texturising scissor's tooth. The gap between each tooth is also slighter wider.


Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd Fluffer Collection and Piano Tooth Thinning Scissor. Dog Grooming Thinning Scissors


This scissor is designed to remove bulk quickly due to the broader teeth and creates a natural yet soft finish. It is a perfect dog grooming scissor for the new Poodle Mixed breeds such as Cockapoos and Labradoodles, and is suitable to use on most dog coat types, making it very versatile and an amazing addition to a dog groomer's scissor collection. To view Abbfabb's Fluffer Scissor range, please click here.

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What are Blending Dog Grooming Scissors or Blenders?

In comparison to a thinning scissor, a blender or blending dog grooming scissor, is designed for blending work over the dog's coat and help create soft and tidy finishes to the dog's trim. A blending scissor will generally have between 50 and 60 Teeth and both the teeth and the space between each tooth are narrower, compared to a thinning scissor. 

Abbfabb's 7.5" Reversible Curved 60 Tooth Blending Scissor

Below is a list of common use for blending dog grooming scissor;

  • Adding a finish to a dog's trimmed face to help create a soft, blended, natural look.
  • Trimming the feathers on medium-length, double-coated dogs, like Golden Retrievers and Pomeranians, to look more natural instead of blunt.
  • Blending the skirt line.

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