What are dog grooming scissors made from?

All types of grooming scissors are made from various types of Stainless steel, but the most reliable stainless steel comes from Japan. The most popular Japanese stainless steels for scissors are 440c, VG10(VG-10), VG1 (VG-1) and cobalt ATS314 (ATS-314).

What is VG10 Stainless Steel?

VG10 is a superior grade of Japanese Stainless steel that is known for its exceptional sharpness and edge retention. A dog grooming scissor made from VG-10, has a unique formulation of steel with a high carbon content. It contains higher levels of carbon (around 1%) and chromium (around 15%) compared to the 440c and VG1 steel, which gives it superior hardness and wear resistance.

The V refers to the element Vanadium and the G stands for Gold meaning gold quality.

VG10 has a Rockwell Hardness of 59 to 61 due to its high carbon content and cobalt. The VG10 shears are known to maintain their sharp blade and remain durable for the life of the shears.

Why should a dog groomer use a grooming scissor made from VG10 Stainless Steel?

VG10 can be made sharper than many other types of steel and has become known as the Supe rSteel. This steel type is designed to maintain sharpness and durability without becoming brittle, a major fault normally associated with exceptionally hard steel.

These qualities are perfect for when a dog groomer requires extreme sharpness from their dog grooming scissor. Most other steels will not take or keep an edge like VG-10 and will hold a superior cutting edge three times longer than other steel and regardless of the dog's coat type a dog groomer is working on.

When this type of steel is used to create dog grooming scissors, it is encased in layers of steel providing greater corrosion-resistance, leaving only the “super steel” exposed at the edge for fine and precise cutting for a dog groomer.