What are Finger Rests on Dog Grooming Scissors?

The finger rest or tang is the resting place for the pinky finger (small and fifth finger) on any make or model of dog grooming scissor.

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Where are the Finger Rests found on Scissors?

On non-reversible dog grooming scissors (scissors which can not be flipped), the finger rest or tang is located on the top blade.

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On reversible dog grooming scissors (flippable scissors-most curved dog grooming scissors are reversible), there are two finger rests and they are located on both the top and bottom blades.

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Types of Finger Rests

There are two designs of tangs on a dog grooming scissor with both providing comfort and control to any dog groomer.

The 'Fixed' Finger Rest.

This design is an integrated part of the finger hole on a scissor and as such, the rest is permanently fixed. This is beneficial to the dog groomer and to the scissor itself, as it will NOT come free and will continue to provide comfort and control. 

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The 'Removable' Finger Rest

This finger rest design, like the 'fixed' tang, will also provide a dog groomer with comfort and control whilst using their dog grooming scissors.

However, unlike, the 'fixed' rest, this has been designed to be manually removed and/or installed, depending on the groomer's personal preference. 

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In summary. 

Finger rests/tangs are on all dog grooming scissors and are designed to help provide comfort to a dog groomer by relieving tiredness in the groomer's fingers.

These rests are also designed to help a dog groomer keep control over the scissor whilst it is in use. In order to provide safety to the dog and themselves, achieve fabulous finishes and help keep their grooming scissors in perfect working order, the groomer must have full control over the scissors whilst in use. 

It is advised that a dog groomer should check that the removable finger rests are tightly in place before using as they can become loose over time and fall out.

It is also important to note that there is no right or wrong style of finger rest, it simply comes down to the dog groomer's personal preference.