Dog grooming scissors are made for dog hair and are different from human hair scissors. Whilst both types of scissors are fundamentally the same, i.e. they both cut hair, the scissors themselves must be different because of the kind of hair they are being used on. Human hair and dog hair, however, differ molecularly.

What is the difference?

Dog fur and human hair are made up of the same exact protein, keratin, which makes them scientifically identical. Keratin is the protein found in both human and dog hair, skin, and nails. Though hair and fur are chemically the same, there are other differentiating factors which means that the scissors used to cut the hair and fur are different.

Humans grow singular hair which grows continuously. One major difference between dog fur and human hair is their molecular composition. While they both consist of the protein keratin, the structure and arrangement of molecules in dog fur and human hair differ, leading to variations in texture and density

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As such, the blades and style of scissors for human hair and a dog's coat are designed differently to ensure they cut the hair accordingly. The cutting edges of a dog grooming scissor are designed to be extremely sharp to allow the blades to cut through much coarser hair. Human hair scissors and even paper scissors, would blunt very quickly if they were to be used on a dog's coat. This is because the cutting edges of these types of scissors are designed to be working on softer or finer materials.  These scissors are therefore less sharp compared to dog grooming scissors.

When choosing scissors for dog grooming, it is important for the dog grooming to consider the specific coat type they will be working with. Scissors designed for human hair are not suitable for cutting a dog's coat, as they are not sharp enough to cut through the coarser hair.

It is also true that using the wrong type of scissors for the different dog grooming tasks, can cause the blades to blunt prematurely and create undesired finishes especially on the new mixed poodle coats, terriers and mixed-texture, thick or double coats.

In summary, due to the difference in hair structure of humans and dogs, the techniques and scissors used to cut the hair types must be different. Using the correct dog grooming scissor for the right coat type is vital for a dog groomer. To view the entire collection of Abbfabb Dog Grooming Scissors, click here.