Texturisers and Chunkers

The terms used for these dog grooming scissors tend to muddled up. Again, the important thing to understand is that the terms refer to the technique rather than the scissor type.

What are Chunkers?

A traditional chunker typically has between 6 and 10 large teeth with equal spacing between them. These scissors are designed to create a chunky, natural appearance. For example, on a West Highland White or Cairn Terrier head, used with extreme caution, will add a soft and natural finish. It does go without saying at this point, that preparation is as important as the scissor.

It is advised that these scissors are used with caution and precision. Used incorrectly may result in the removal of too much hair and affect the finish on the dog. Chunker scissors are not recommended for dog groomers just starting out, however, practice with them, will be beneficial.

What are Texturisers?

Texturisers are just as their name suggests. These dog grooming scissors are designed to give a soft, creamy texture on a correctly prepared coat. The blade on a texturiser vary in lengths from 6" to 8" and the number of teeth ranging from 16 to 26. A texturiser is a more versatile scissor compared to a chunker, as they are able to add a finish to the coat and can remove any unwanted bulk. They leave a soft finish to a coat. this finish is different to the sharp tailored finished achieved with a straight blade scissor. Please take a look at our range of texturisers and clunkers.