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Abbfabb Grooming Scissors are designed for the Dog Groomer

Our dog grooming scissors are designed for you.

Every pair of our dog grooming scissors are designed with the dog groomer in mind. There are many different types of dog grooming scissors available nowadays, and all have their own qualities. Here at Abbfabb Grooming Scissors, every pair of scissor are uniquely crafted from Japanese 440c Stainless Steel and are ergonomically designed.

An ergonomic scissor design puts the least amount of stress on the hand, arm, shoulder and back. The handles are designed to be in an offset position, allowing the scissor to fit in the natural hand position, preventing the finger and thumb from moving and therefore creating a more comfortable grip. The spacing between the finger and thumb holes helps prevent the groomer’s hand from cramping. A downwards bend in the thumb hole, allows the groomer to straighten the wrist and drop the shoulder and elbow. 

So how do these benefits help you?

It is an occupational hazard that dog groomers can suffer from some form of hand, arm, shoulders, neck and back pain or even long-term problems throughout their working life. Using a 440c stainless steel, ergonomically designed dog grooming scissors can help alleviate these problems, help towards creating beautiful grooms and keep you enjoying the job you love!

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